owl-with-pencil-iclip2.jpgWelcome to Lucas Elementary.
Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy is an optional approach to the education of students in order to achieve high levels of learning biliteracy. Our program has been created so that our students can become biliterate students in the fluency, literacy, and proficiency of two languages – Spanish and English.
Lucas Elementary is a 50:50 model in which both languages are equally the primary language for instruction. This means all students are taught in English and in Spanish, and are immersed throughout the day, week, month, and year in both languages.

La Academia de Doble Idioma Lucas es un enfoque opcional para la educación de los estudiantes para alcanzar altos niveles de alfabetización. Nuestro programa ha sido creado para que nuestros estudiantes puedan convertirse en estudiantes con la fluidez, en la alfabetización y ser proficientes en dos idiomas, español e inglés. La Academia Lucas es un modelo de 50: 50, en el que ambas lenguas son igualmente usadas para la instrucción. Esto significa que todos los cursos están impartidos en inglés y en español, y los estudiantes están inmersos en cada idioma todo el día, semana, mes y año en ambos idiomas.

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About Us

School Motto: Valuing biliteracy today, leading tomorrow.


Lucas Elementary Dual Language Academy will be committed to academic excellence with high quality instruction for all students, creating the opportunities to achieve biliteracy and proficiency in a culturally valued and diverse learning environment; in which students, teachers, and parents believe and support a bilingual education where students will be challenged with rigor and high expectations to become leaders of tomorrow.